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I'm Big Bandanna
Priscilla Wong
Love it.

Color very nice.

Funkiest design ever. I just love how original and unique these creations are.

I have always loved Dairy Milk and what's better, a pair of slides with a cheeky twist to it. Super fun and the slides are of great quality. I own two pairs now and can testify that the creations from this site is made with love and care. The packaging amazed me really. Bravo1969 to have put so much care into it and it makes a great gift for loved ones. Please keep coming up with funky designs. We just don't have enough coming around here.

Good Day Slides
Poh Li Lee
Awesome design and super cool

Love this design and my daughter absolutely adores them. Keep designing amazing things!

Boarding Unisex Tee (Indigo)
Melissa Chin Nyuk Ling
Rare Indigo Color

Very Nice Indigo Tee, Very Comfortable Cotton Material, I Love It ! 😍 Grab It Now, Don’t Miss It !

Unique Tee

Very Unique Tee, I Love The Design Of This Tee, Very Satisfactory Quality!

Mak Kai Lin Unisex Tee
Syakir Mahadzir
quality design

I like how the t-shirt is well made and its attention to detail. The artwork is impressive and original. Hoping that Hawaiian shirts will be made in the near future.

Love the design

Comfy material and seller is extremely helpful and friendly. Will always return to purchase more.

Nice Wear

Fabric is quite thick, love the print though. Comfortable to wear👍

Shark Loves Dog Unisex Tee (Black)
Melissa Chin Nyuk Ling
Nice Shirt & Bandana

Pretty Nice T-Shirt & Bandana! Its Come With Free Tote Bag Too. Material Is Great I Recommended❤️

Good Day Slides
Shawn Low
Awesome slides

I am a big fan of milo products and salted egg dishes. This is the absolute best combination of both worlds in the most stylish way possible. The shape of the slides is just perfect for using to whack someone. I LOVE IT

I'm Big Bandanna
Jihson Lu
Good quality bandana

Amazing color and material, cam make any outfit lively

Feeling Good Bandanna
Annie Chin Lulu
Nice bandana

Nice and cool design bandana! my furkid look handsome with this bandana❤️



Kon Nga Lin! Unisex Tee
Annie Chin Lulu
excellent shirt and comfortable to wear

absolutely love the design and quality of this shirt brilliant!!

Design Good


Comfortable slides


Creative design

I really am happy with my purchase. The slides are extremely sturdy and comfortable. They fit as expected and are slightly molded to fit the foot comfortably.
The design is bold and creative, love it!

Good Quality Product & Special Design

好喜欢这件衣服😍 布料实在是非常不错!而且真没让我失望。我买的是稍微宽松式。可以穿成Oversize,也可以把它绑起来穿成crop top,真的是爱了爱了🥰 他们家的tshirt 风格都非常独特,会再回购!👍🏻👍🏻

Sweet and cool!

Omg this pink flip flop is too cute and cool! Gonna wear it to the beach! Good quality and comfortable to wear it for a long time.


When I go out, i usually wear sport shoes because most other sandals on the market are either too bland or dont make enough of a statement for my liking. I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon these slides, as their designs are just colorful enough to catch the attention of my peers without appearing too strong. I also love the slides with the darker colors because sometimes you just need something a little quieter.

When i received these slides, i was amazed by their quality and how well they fit my feet! I absolutely love them.


This slide is really confortable, it fits my feet very well, and the base is super spongy as well. Very recommended to all of you!!! 😍😍😍😍

Quality Good


Superb quality, cool design!

The quality are really good! and i LOVE the design. Sooooo cool!
I wear it as oversized t-shirt. looking forward for any new design in future!!

My Favourite bandana

I love the design, and the fact that this is cotton instead of polyester.
I’m very happy with these bandanas. The colors are bright, and the patterns on all of them appear perfectly placed. Also a most important is the material, you can feel that they are made of excellent quality material. There is definitely a difference between these and the mass store bought cheapies!


第二次回购,衣服布料舒适有弹性,设计也非常的独特!😍 这个价位买到这个质量的衣服,非常不错!喜欢穿大码Tshirt的也可以买宽松一点的。真心好评好评👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻